I came up with a bunch of designs for 1-wide, downwards, vertical double piston extenders in Minecraft Bedrock! One is really compact at 5x1x5, and others are less compact, but unlike the 5x1x5 design, are semi-flush, meaning they can be flush with one half of a roof (but not the other half). ►Bedrock Redstone Contraptions Playlist: ►Bedrock Redstone/Technical Videos Playlist: 👍 Please leave a like if you enjoyed this video, and share it with your friends if you think they'll enjoy it, too! 💬 Have some feedback or questions? Post them in the comments! (But remember that rude, inappropriate, & spam comments will be blocked.) ✔️ If you really like my videos, then please make sure to subscribe so that you never miss out on new uploads! 🌐: 🐘: 🐦:

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