Who Am I?

Hello, everyone! My name is SuperGeniusZeb, or at least that’s the name I usually go by. I also go by Zeb for short, and in the past I’ve used the following names:

  • SuperGeniusCreator (name used in the now-closed LEGO Universe, the now-closed LEGO Message Boards, and various LEGO communities – the basis for my current name, which I started using when I bought Minecraft and found that “SuperGeniusCreator” was too long to be a valid username)
  • SuperGeniusBuilder (name used in the now-closed LEGO Minifigures Online)
  • Zooming HyperNova (name used in the now-closed LEGO Legends of Chima Online)

My interests include LEGO, Minecraft, gaming, programming, and technology in general. I created this website as a place to showcase the stuff I’ve made, as well as post announcements and my thoughts/opinions on various things I’m interested in.

I always try to make all my content kid-friendly, which means no swearing or inappropriate stuff. I believe that entertainment can be fun and enjoyable for everyone, without having to throw in swear words or inappropriate jokes. I enjoy building things, inventing stuff, and creating content, and I hope what I make will bring you enjoyment and entertainment as well!


It was around 2009 or so that I first started playing with Legos LEGO pieces, and by 2011 they had become my favorite toy and my biggest interest. I started playing the Free to Play part of LEGO Universe around mid-to-late 2011, and it became my favorite game. In this game, Free-to-Play-ers could only choose character names using 3 predetermined sets of words. Confident (probably a bit too confident) in my building skills, I chose the words “Super”, “Genius”, and “Creator”… and so SuperGeniusCreator was my name.

I also joined the LEGO Message Boards around this time, and became very active on there… so much so, that I ended up reaching Old Timer rank… a rank signifying that you had posted at least 6,018 posts. (I had posted 6,892.) And this was all before the November 2012 update to the boards. When the boards later got shut down in early 2017, I had accumulated a grand total of 10,254 posts. I actually started a trend of roleplaying “Ask INSERT_LEGO_CHARACTER” topics on the message boards, caused by my “ASK FANG-SUEI!” topic. Here’s an archived version of my profile page shortly before the boards were closed, and here’s my page on the LMB wiki. In hindsight, I really spent a lot of time on those boards… probably a bit too much. I was mostly active from 2011-2013, at which point my interests began to shift.

On November 12, 2013, I decided to create my first YouTube channel, SuperGeniusCreator, to upload LEGO-related content. It actually wasn’t the first time I had been in a LEGO-related YouTube video, though. That would be this. But anyway, I started uploading poor-quality recordings of me playing LEGO Legends of Chima (and later LEGO Minifigures Online) to my new channel, as well as some brickfilms I had made.

In December 2014 I recorded and released the first episode of Lego GoofEbay, a series more than inspired by the dead (at the time) On Ebay Today series on The TTV Channel. Lego GoofEbay is notable in that it was the first time I spoke in any of my videos.

I mentioned earlier that my interests began to shift in 2013. But to what were they shifting? Well, it was none other than a game I started playing around April of that year: Minecraft. Java Edition, to be specific, but of course nobody used that subtitle back then because Bedrock was still just Pocket Edition, and Pocket Edition didn’t even have fire yet. The latest version of Minecraft that was out at the time was the 1.5.1 update, and it was in this version and in that month that I first created and played on the world that would become the one I played on in SuperGeniusZeb Plays Minecraft.

At the time, however, I had no intentions of making Minecraft videos. The world was merely an instance of the demo world… the world with a preset seed that you always played on in the Minecraft demo. I think I only played on it once, judging by the lack of stuff I had done in the world before I started my let’s play series. The world was left unplayed and untouched for over 2 years, while I played on survival servers, minigame servers, custom maps, and creative worlds.

But in 2015, I decided to start a second YouTube channel for Minecraft content. I had been inspired by the survival let’s play series of various Minecraft YouTubers, and I realized that I had never really had a normal survival singleplayer world… I had always played on servers or custom maps. I also wanted to gain experience in video production, both on the recording and editing sides. I decided to kill three birds with one stone and make a let’s play series of me playing on a survival singleplayer world. The channel was created on May 2, 2015, and I named it SuperGeniusZeb, after my username in the game. The first video uploaded was the first episode of SuperGeniusZeb Plays Minecraft, which was recorded on May 8 and uploaded on May 10.

I remembered the old demo world, and despite several losses of data on my computer (most of which were my own fault), I had managed to not delete the world, so I decided to use that as my let’s play world, and to start out playing on 1.5.2, rather than the latest version, so as to get a feel for what it would have been like if I had started playing regularly on the world back in 2013.

The SuperGeniusZeb channel ended up becoming where most of my new content was uploaded, and while I can’t say that the early videos on the channel were that good, they were definitely a step-up from a lot of the much older SuperGeniusCreator channel content, and they helped me learn and slowly get better at making videos.

Around the same time, I started working on my first Minecraft mod: Colore. This mod gave me a lot of good experience in coding, and I hope to make more and better coding projects in the future. When I was ready to release the mod, I realized I needed a place to showcase it outside of my channel, and I decided to create SuperGeniusZeb.com, which was officially launched on November 25, 2015 alongside the first release of Colore.

Later, on January 23, 2016, I launched a website for my LEGO channel: SuperGeniusCreator.com. I ended up not using the site much, however… much like the channel. I uploaded a few of my LEGO MOCs (My Own Creations) to the site, but that was about it. I later realized that, while having 2 YouTube channels for organization/separation of content makes sense, having 2 separate websites for the same person running those 2 channels did not, so I decided to shut down SuperGeniusCreator.com and move its content onto SuperGeniusZeb.com, making that site my main site for all of my content.

By this point I had also expanded the content of the SuperGeniusZeb channel from Minecraft to sandbox videogames to just videogames in general. I originally considered making a 3rd channel for non-Minecraft gaming content, but seeing as that most gaming YouTubers don’t do that, I decided that would be unnecessary and so I just changed the SuperGeniusZeb YouTube channel into a general gaming channel.

In the future, I would like to make a channel devoted to software and technology content, but I’m still just considering it at this point.

How to Support Me

By supporting me, you help me continue to improve the quality of my videos and keep making more fun Minecraft content! If you happen to really like my videos and wish to support me, then here’s how you can!

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If you happen to really like my content, then you support me monetarily via magic internet money cryptocurrencies! I currently accept the following (in order of preference):

The cryptocurrency formerly known as RaiBlocks. Feeless, fast transactions, and doesn’t eat up electricity. It’s what Bitcoin wishes it could be.


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Simply tell others about my YouTube channel and website, and share your favorite videos with your friends!

As my channel becomes more well-known, I’ll be able to earn more money and buy better equipment so I can make higher-quality videos, and maybe even make YouTube content-creation my full-time job so I can spend more time on it and make more videos!