C++ Edition Template Resource Pack (Outdated)

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MCPE Version: 0.15.x

First Released: June 14, 2016

Latest Update: June 14, 2016

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Note: This template resource pack is outdated now! 0.16.x has been released and the functionality demonstrated in this pack has been split between the new resource pack and behavior pack add-on formats. This template will no longer work in newer MCPE versions! Some of the functionality has been disabled in custom packs as the way you will be able to change things like item properties will be improved and implemented properly in a future update, and allowing players to use the current items.json to change item properties in add-ons would result in incompatibilities when items are made fully-customizable by add-ons. There are now official templates for add-ons (both resource packs and behavior packs), which you can download at minecraft.net/addons.

This is a template resource pack for Minecraft Pocket Edition, Windows 10 Edition, and Gear VR Edition. It is essentially just a clone of the vanilla resource pack which is buried in the game files. It is intended to be used as a starting point for creating custom resource packs for Minecraft Pocket, Win10, & Gear VR Editions on versions since 0.15.0 when Texture Packs were added. Custom resource packs can be used in 0.15.0, but an official GUI to import them will not be added until at least 0.16.0, so until then you have to navigate to the com.mojang folder in the game’s files, create a folder called “resource_packs”, and put your custom resource packs there. You will then be able to apply them from the Manage Texture Packs screen in-game.

The Pocket/Win10/Gear VR Edition (from this point onward called the C++ edition) has resource packs that can change not only textures, but item properties as well, including how high an item can stack, whether it can be eaten and if so how much nutrition/saturation and/or effects it provides, whether it can be “planted” on blocks, and various other properties. Only food, seed, & the camera items are currently able to take advantage of this as of 0.15.0, however. There is also limited support for changing the models of blocks, with the ability to change one block’s model or texture to that of another block, though custom models are not supported yet. You can even change where the game looks for textures/models within the resource pack, allowing you to use custom organization in your resource packs and allowing for potentially easy methods of converting Java edition resource packs. In the future, item & block models and sounds should be supported in resource packs, opening the door to a ton of possibilities for custom maps and creations in the C++ edition.

This template is intended to be used like so: delete any assets you will not be modifying, and keep the ones you will modify. There is not need to leave the images folder in the resource pack if you are not going to be replacing any texture files, and likewise if you only intend to change textures and not modify any item properties, then you should delete the items.json file. When your resource pack only contains assets that it has changed, then it will be more compatible with other resource packs, so that you can use the textures from one with the item properties of another, thanks to the ability to use multiple resource packs in layers.

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