Vanilla Tweaks

A collection of resource packs by Xisumavoid ported to Bedrock Engine by SuperGeniusZeb

This is a collection of small, simple resource packs that each change something minor in-game. The Vanilla Tweaks resource packs were originally created by Xisumavoid for Minecraft: Java Edition, and were ported by me to Minecraft Bedrock with his permission. I’ve also created a couple of my own Bedrock-exclusive Vanilla Tweaks packs. Each pack can be downloaded/enabled individually to suit your personal preferences.

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September 26, 2017
  • Ported over 10 new packs by Xisumavoid:
    • Alternate Particles
    • Black Nether Bricks
    • Borderless Quartz
    • Different Stems
    • Plain Leather Armor
    • Red Iron Golem Flowers
    • Sideways Iron Nuggets
    • Smooth Double Stone Slabs
    • Solid Slime
    • Unbundled Hay Bales
  • Added my own new Bedrock-exclusive pack: Plain Leather Horse Armor.
  • Changed pack descriptions to use the word “Bedrock” instead of “MCPE”.
July 20, 2017
  • Added Grass Path Sides pack.
  • Reset all pack version numbers to 1.0. No longer using a single version number for all packs, and no longer following the version numbers of the original Java Edition packs – mainly because the original packs by Xisumavoid are no longer using a version scheme at all!
  • Renamed Old Gravel pack to Alpha Gravel.
(Old - 1.1.1) March 11, 2017
  • Updated pack to format version 1, introduced in 1.0.4.
  • Fixed pack descriptions not showing up on 1.0.4+.
(Old - 1.1) Feb 7, 2017
Released on for 1.0.0.

Initial release.